Guaranteed Scholarships in California

guaranteed california scholarships

Guaranteed California Scholarships

Finding guaranteed scholarships in California is a great opportunity to fund your college education. These are guaranteed California scholarships that you will be able to get if you meet the criteria. There isn’t a selection process from all eligible people so you can really get the money you need hassle free in most instances. These are the easiest types of scholarships to apply for.

In order to get scholarships that are guaranteed in California, you must be a resident of the state for at least 1 year. If you have a very good GPA, high scores on your SAT or ACT, or if you have won the National Merit Award then you are well on your way to being qualified for some of these guaranteed scholarships in California.

California Baptist University offers a terrific deal with guaranteed scholarships for those with a GPA of 3.75 or higher. They also need to have a score of 21 or higher on the ACT and a score of 1020 or higher on the SAT. This scholarship award is $2,000 per year. If you have a GPA that is from 2.5 to 2.9 but meet the other requirements then you may be able to get $1,00 per semester.

Harvey Mudd College offers guaranteed scholarships for students that ranked in the top 10% of their high school graduating class. They must also have a verbal SAT of at least 700 and a written SAT score of 700 or higher. The math SAT score must be at least 750.

Any students planning to attend St. Mary’s College can receive $6,000 as a freshman if they have a GPA of 3.7 or better. They also need to have a combined SAT score of 1200 or higher. The University of Redlands offers $2,500 for a freshman with a GPA of 3.5 or better. They also require ACT scores of 23 or better and 1100 or better on the SAT.

Dominican University of California and the SAGE Scholars Program are two other guaranteed scholarships in California. To read more on go to guaranteed California scholarships.

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    I am seventeen and a senior in high school. I have no funds, and mother is not financially able to send me to any school. I have a strong desire to go to school to prepare for a future for myself, and family if I need to. I am seeking scholarships and grants to assist me. I will appreciate all the assistant I can get. I am interested in attending Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music, for either the two or four year degree.

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    you should be eligible for need based grants and student aid – go to FAFSA and then to Federal Pell Grants. While your there read up on the no cosigner student loans which are the best student loans because of the good rates and repayment terms. Explore the unknown college scholarships for ideas that are very creative for paying for college tuition.

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