National Merit Guaranteed Scholarships

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National Merit Guaranteed Scholarships

The National Merit Scholarships are guaranteed, and that means students have to worry less about funding their college education. These funds are given to students around the United States that have a very high score on their Preliminary SAT, known as the PSAT. This could be anywhere from $1,000 to a full ride guaranteed scholarship to pay for the entire education at a four year accredited college.

It is important to find out which colleges out there accept this type of funding. While there are thousands that do, not all of them will. It is important to make sure the school you have your eye on will accept National Merit Scholarships that are guaranteed. If not, then you may want to make the decision to change the school you will be attending. Anyone that scores very high on the PSAT needs to very carefully make the decision about where they will go to college.

These guaranteed scholarships are in place to help ensure that students with a very high level of intelligence don’t get held back from success due to a lack of funding. It is very important to pay close attention to the deadlines that various schools have in regard to National Merit Scholarship funds. There can be one National Merit scholarship form that has to be filled out and returned by a given date.

It is always best to get the forms in as soon as possible though. Then you can be among the first to get the funding you need for college squared away. Going to college is exciting, but it can be hard to focus on it when you don’t know how you will pay for it. The amount of money that is awarded through these guaranteed funds will vary based on the state where you live and the cost of attending.

There are other elements that are looked at with National Merit Scholarships that are guaranteed as well. Financial need is always considered, and the student will need to have the FAFSA completed and submitted before they can be eligible. The GPA will range from 3.5 to 3.9 depending on the college. The PSAT score will also be considered, and each college can have different guidelines about where they rank those scores.

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