Guaranteed Scholarships from CUNY Teacher Academy

cuny guaranteed scholarships

Guaranteed Scholarships from CUNY

If you want to be a teacher and live in New York, then you can get guaranteed scholarships from the CUNY Teacher Academy. Students planning a career in education would do well to consider applying to CUNY. This teaching academy, part of the City University of New York, offers full-tuition scholarships to all students who enroll in the Academy. All students who enroll are automatically eligible to receive the guaranteed scholarship. In addition, students will also receive a full-time teaching position at a school in New York upon graduation.

The four-year automatic scholarship covers full tuition as well as fees for students who graduate and then teach a minimum of two years in a New York City public school. In order to retain the full-tuition scholarship at CUNY Teacher Academy, at the end of their first year students are required to make a commitment to working within a high-need public school located in New York City.

Paid internships are also available each year for students to work with middle school or high school students as a way of earning additional money for living expenses and gaining valuable hands-on teaching experience. Along with the scholarship and internship opportunities, students at CUNY Teacher Academy will also have the opportunity to work with exceptional faculty in the fields of mathematics and science. Opportunities are also available for performing research in science or math with CUNY faculty. A select group of Teacher Academy graduates will also receive support for a master’s degree in their field at a CUNY college.

The overall goal of the guaranteed scholarship at CUNY Teacher Academy is to challenge and inspire student teachers to make a difference in their own lives as well as the lives of others by pursuing a career in education. At the same time, it is hoped that teachers graduating from CUNY will help the next generation of students discover the power of mathematics and the wonder of science.

The Teacher Academy at CUNY blends an academic program built upon rigorous standards with early participation for hands-on experience in the classroom. From their very first semester at CUNY Teacher Academy, students receive the opportunity to observe how outstanding teachers are able to connect with their students, while also motivating them to learn. As a result, students are able to acquire the tools and background necessary to become well-rounded, effective science and mathematics teachers.

Graduates major in either science or math with a minor in high school or middle school education. By learning in a college within a college-style environment, student teachers receive small class placement, special advisement and benefit from a highly supportive community of faculty and fellow students. In addition, students at CUNY Teacher Academy have the chance to work with faculty members that have been recognized nationally as well as internationally.

Early fieldwork participation forms the cornerstone of the teacher education program at CUNY Teacher academy. Beginning in a student’s freshman year they begin observing classrooms in a local school setting. That experience culminates in their senior year with student teaching. The ultimate goal is to have student teachers spend approximately 1,000 hours in a school or learning environment prior to graduation and becoming certified to teach in New York City public schools.

The CUNY Teacher Academy program is considered to be highly selective and is located on a total of nine different campuses; The City College, Brooklyn College, Lehman College, College of Staten Island, Borough of Manhattan Community College, Queens College, Hunter College and Hostos Community College.

The full-tuition scholarship at CUNY Teacher Academy came about as a result of a significant shortage of qualified science and mathematics teachers. Consequently, a competition for such educators arose around the country. New York City made the decision to strengthen their recruitment efforts as a direct result of the need for hundreds of well-qualified science and mathematics teachers to fill routine vacancies that were created through attrition, leaves of absence, sabbaticals and retirements. In order to attract new teachers as well as retain existing teachers, the full-tuition scholarship and guaranteed job plan was created.

Prospective CUNY Teacher Academy graduates interested in pursuing a career as a math teacher should have a SAT math score of at least 700. The same criteria apply for students interested in a science teaching career. High school seniors who are interested in applying at the Academy and receiving a full-tuition scholarship should submit their applications by no later than December 15th.

Apply now to live in New York and become a teacher with guaranteed scholarships from Cuny Teacher Academy.

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