Alice Lloyd College Guaranteed Tuition Grants Scholarships

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Alice Lloyd Guaranteed Tuition Scholarships

Alice Lloyd College has recently become known for offering guaranteed tuition scholarships. In fact, the college was ranked by US News and World Report as being among the best colleges in the United States for graduating students with the least amount of debt. Located in Kentucky, this college offers guaranteed tuition scholarships to any student who is a resident of a 108-county Central Appalachian service district area. Students at the college work between 10 and 20 hours per week in order to pay their way. The college offers a number of degree fields as well as pre-professional programs.

Through a minority grant, Alice Lloyd College also offers a room and board guarantee for minority students who are from the 108 county Central Appalachian service area. The grant is awarded for a total of 10 semesters as long as students continue to make reasonable progress toward completing a degree. The room and board guarantee is funded through a variety of federal, state and institutional grants as well as earnings from participating in the Student Work Program at Alice Lloyd College.

Income is not a consideration when determining eligibility for the Appalachian Leaders College Scholarship. Provided that students reside in one of the eligible 108 counties in the service area, have a minimum 2.5 GPA, 17 ACT composite score and are otherwise eligible for admission, they will receive the tuition guarantee. Students who receive this scholarship will have the cost of their education met by a combination of scholarships, grants and participation in the Student Work Program. The scholarship can be renewed for a total of 10 semesters.

Students who are committed to serving the Appalachian region may also qualify for the Alice Lloyd College Distinguished Scholar’s Program. Along with tuition, students who are eligible for this scholarship will have the full cost of their education for attending the college met. This program provides money toward the cost of textbooks and also provides continued assistance through professional and/or graduate school. Candidates must have a minimum 3.5 GPA, 27 composite ACT score or 1820 composite New SAT score, in addition to demonstrating outstanding community service and/or leadership service.

Alice Lloyd College is named for Alice Spender Geddes Lloyd, who founded the college. Originally from Boston, Lloyd traveled to Eastern Kentucky in 1916. Prior to her arrival in Kentucky, she had served as publisher and editor of The Cambridge Press. At the time, the publication was the only such newspaper in the country with an entirely female staff. Following her arrival in the state, she became convinced that the people of Appalachia could have a better future through education. After an invitation from a local resident, she arrived in Pippa Passes prepared to teach the local children. In order to ensure that no student would be turned away from an educational opportunity for lack of financial resources, she immediately set about founding a mandatory student work program.

She also worked to secure financial support through her friends in the East, as well as through voluntary teachers. In 1923, Mrs. Lloyd founded Caney Junior College. She went on to serve the college until her death in 1962. Since that time, the college has become an accredited four-year, liberal arts college and has witnessed significant expansion in terms of facilities and programs. Over the years, hundreds of students have attained baccalaureate degrees through the college and many have gone on to complete professional programs and graduate programs at very little or no personal cost. Numerous former students have since returned to Appalachia as physicians, teachers, attorneys and community leaders.

Since the college’s founding, work has remained a central part of the experience at Alice Lloyd College. Today, students here continue to work in order to provide needed services and pay for their education. Along with serving as an earning experience, the student work program at Alice Lloyd College is also a learning experience, specifically designed to teach students self-discipline, responsible leaderships and self-reliance. In addition, it enhances the complete educational program. Each full-time student is required to work a minimum of 160 hours per semester at an on-campus or off-campus job in exchange for their Alice Lloyd College guaranteed tuition scholarships. Jobs are varied and may include normal operations for on-campus jobs and needed community services for off-campus jobs. Each job also pays the prevailing minimum wage rate.

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